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Allergies: A Case Study

Clogged Sinuses and Runny Nose

Elsie [1] was a woman in her late 20’s who had been suffering for years with allergies. Clogged sinuses, difficulty breathing, decreased sense of smell and a running nose were a daily battle for her. For the past decade or more she has been on allergy medication and although it helps, allergy symptoms are always present.


The constant inflammation in her nose causes scar tissue to slowly build up, which makes breathing more difficult. Her doctor told her that every 5 years she will need surgery to correct this. After her first surgery she felt great relief for a while but within a few short months her breathing became as bad as it was pre surgery. A year after the surgery she and her doctor both wondered if she would need another surgery in only 2-3 years. During a visit to our clinic for her shoulder, her therapist recommended that she try a new massage treatment for her allergies.

Massage Therapy Kelowna Medical Massage - woman breathing clearlyAllergy Relief

Elsie commenced a treatment program that involved Manual Lymphatic Drainage, regular nasal rinsing with a neti pot [2] and continued used of her allergy medication. Within a month her symptoms decreased and she regained her sense of smell (something she couldn’t remember having for most of the last decade). With this program Elsie is confident that it will be a long while before she will need surgery again.

[1] Names have been changed for privacy

[2]A neti pot is used to pour water into the nose to rinse it out