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The Benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the scientific study of movement. The word comes from the Greek, -kinein, which means ‘to move’ and -logia, ‘study’. Kinesiologists are movement specialists offering a wide variety of assessments and services to assist with both injury and illness prevention as well as injury management. Kinesiology is based on the core sciences of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and psychomotor behaviour. At Kelowna Medical Massage we use kinesiology to help you develop a therapeutic fitness program to maintain your fitness during injury and substantially reduce the risk of re-injury. Please read on to learn more about the benefits of seeing a kinesiologist and what they can do to help you lead (and continue to lead) a healthy and active life.


If you’ve experienced a mobility or sports muscle injury and haven’t been able to regain your active lifestyle without fear of re-injury then you should see a kinesiologist. We focus on maintaining your strength and stamina during injury as well as preventing re-injury by helping you regain flexibility. Our goal is to restore efficient movement in your everyday life, whether this be a regular or a more intense sports-focused lifestyle.

Kinesiology doesn’t just aid in the prevention and healing of muscle injuries. It can also help people with chronic conditions. Many people with chronic conditions and diseases are known to attain a higher quality of life when an applicable fitness regimen is used as part of their treatment plan. People suffering from cancer can benefit from a therapeutic fitness regimen prior to receiving treatment, during their chemo or radiation therapy, and following surgery. We will work with you before, during and after your treatment to help reduce tiredness and stiffness in the muscles, assist in your overall recovery, and manage any problematic side effects you may be experiencing. We take into account your age, state of health, and overall fitness, and design a regimen that is specifically tailored to your goals and requirements. Getting you fit and healthy, and keeping you that way, is our number one priority.

You do not need a doctor’s referral to be treated by a kinesiologist, but if you have a chronic health condition it is always best to make your physician is aware that you are engaging in a therapeutic fitness regimen. This will ensure all of your medical practitioners are fully cooperating towards your recovery.


We provide all our clients with advanced rehabilitation programs, personal training programs, and combined programs. Our assessments include cardio vascular testing, biometrics, body composition (weight, BMI, body fat and muscle percentages), blood pressure screening, range of motion testing (for flexibility), and functional movement screening (FMS). We also provide strength endurance testing and cardio vascular endurance testing for our athletically-driven clients. We’ll discuss the results of your assessments and design a tailored exercise program and provide lifestyle advice.

For your appointments, please wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes that allow you to move freely. We recommend comfortable running or hiking shoes for your feet. After your initial appointment, and depending on your personal requirements, we can work with you on a regular basis in our clinic or design an independent fitness program tailored to help you achieve your goals from home or at the gym.

To learn more please call 250 575 0120, or to book an appointment with Justin, our highly trained and experienced kinesiologist, please click here to contact us for your free 45-minute consultation.

Kelowna Massage Therapist Naomi Erhardt

Meet Naomi Erhardt – Registered Massage Therapist

While playing volleyball in high school, Naomi Erhardt experienced a hamstring strain and was sent to a massage therapist to aid in her recovery from the injury. Naomi was always interested in nutrition and exercise, so it was no surprise that she fell in love with massage therapy while being treated. When she realized how massage played an essential part in her overall health- she knew that she needed to turn her passion into a career.

Graduating from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy 3000 hour program in 2014, Naomi quickly realized that her favourite part of the job was seeing the results as she helped people overcome their physical pain. Every client to her is unique and benefits from individual treatments that are best suited to them. She aims to see that the entire healing process remains fulfilling to her clients as she helps them though problems such as shoulder pain, lower back issues, whiplash and more.

When she isn’t in the clinic, she’s most likely enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. Nature and Naomi have a good relationship that involves running and hiking. She keeps a very active lifestyle overall. However, when she’s looking for some down time at home, a good book and a home cooked meal will easily suffice.

We are proud to have Naomi as one of our team members. Her diligent approach to isolating a client’s problem and tackling it with clever therapy tailored to them, makes anyone who walks into the clinic feel at ease. You can come into your appointment feeling confident that everything being implemented has been thought through and planned out just for you.

If you feel that connecting with Naomi is your first step to healing after your injury, contact us to set up an appointment. We know her massage therapy techniques will help you reach a fast recovery.

Massage Therapy and Kinesiology Kelowna - photo of Justin Philips

Meet Justin Philips – Kinesiologist

Justin Philips is our resident Kinesiologist at Kelowna Medical Massage. Justin first encountered the study of Kinesiology late in high school.  Being a competitive athlete in hockey and soccer as well as recreational snowboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding, and playing rugby throughout his youth he experienced his share of sports injuries.  He was always interested in determining the cause of his injuries, what structures exactly were injured, and furthermore how to fix them to get back to sports! It was a natural progression for Justin to become a Kinesiologist. He completed his Bachelor of Kinesiology with Honours at Brock University in 2010 and has also completed the CAN-FIT-PRO personal trainer program. His experience as an athletic trainer, personal trainer, and kinesiologist gives him a versatile skill set.

Justin is passionate about providing his clients with well rounded programs, combining rehabilitation & fitness to reach their goals without causing pain. He believes in a long term approach to health, fitness, and overall mobility. His background as a personal trainer combined with his education and experience as a Kinesiologist provides him with detailed education and rehabilitation knowledge to help his clients tackle their fitness or rehabilitation goals.

Justin provides his clients with in depth & advanced rehabilitation programs, personal training programs, & combined programs. Assessment includes cardio vascular testing, biometrics, body composition (weight, BMI, Body fat %, muscle %, etc.) blood pressure screening, range of motion testing (flexibility), and functional movement screening (FMS). Strength endurance testing & cardio vascular endurance testing can also be done for those athletically driven clients.  He really invests in his clients, helping them not only during sessions in the fitness facility but also by providing them with direction on things they can do at home to support their progress.

He’s not just all about Kinesiology, Justin is an active person and thoroughly enjoys rock climbing, snow boarding, hiking, team sports, and exercising in his spare time.

Interested in connecting with Justin to learn more about how kinesiology can help you? Your first 45 minute consultation is free! Contact us to set up an appointment.