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Rehabilitation, personal training and weight loss are common reasons to see a Kinesiologist

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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of body movements and the application of techniques and treatments that improve overall function, health, and wellness. Kinesiology applies the principles of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology and psychomotor behaviour to improve health, function and performance.

The benefits of Kinesiology include:

Prevention: Physical activity enhances mental health, fosters healthy muscles, bones and joints and helps maintain function which can help prevent chronic conditions from developing as we age.

Management: Kinesiology uses exercise in the management of injury and chronic disease. While the best and most cost-effective way to manage injury or disease is through prevention, Kinesiologists are more and more on the front-line in restoring client health.

Performance: Kinesiologists work with people of all ages and every level of function and physical ability to assess, track, manage and achieve a broad range of personal health goals.

What is a Kinesiologist?

A Kinesiologist is a professional with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in human kinetics (or sciences with a human kinetics major). Many people seek out a personal trainer for their fitness goals or a physical therapist if they are in need of injury rehabilitation or increased mobility: a Kinesiologist is the best of both worlds. Kinesiologists use a well rounded approach – combining rehabilitation & fitness goals with a focus on your long term health, fitness, and overall mobility. Their extensive knowledge of body mechanics allow them to tailor rehab programs, personal training programs, or combined programs to meet your needs and help you reach your goals.

What does a Kinesiologist do?

A Kinesiologist uses his or her knowledge of the human body to help you reach your goals. These goals can include rehabilitation after an injury, training for a specific sport or event, general fitness, weight loss and even postural training. Kinesiologists can develop personalized, in depth & advanced programming specific for you.

What is the difference between a Kinesiologist and a Physical Therapist?

Kinesiology works with exercise therapy – the active side of rehabilitation, whereas physical therapy often involves a more passive approach. Most people immediately think of physical therapy when they need rehabilitation or want to improve their mobility, but what they don’t know is that a Kinesiologist can provide a comprehensive plan that includes rehabilitation, increased mobility, plus increased overall health and fitness. This well rounded approach not only addresses the current issues you may be experiencing, but also helps prevent further problems from developing down the road.

What does a session with a Kinesiologist entail?

A session with a Kinesiologist can entail assessment, stretching, exercise, postural and ergonomic training and education. Assessment can include cardio vascular testing, Biometrics (body composition: weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle percentage, blood pressure screening), range of motion testing (flexibility), and functional movement screen (FMS). There is also strength endurance testing & cardio vascular endurance testing for athletically driven clients. The assessment allows you and the Kinesiologist to gauge your starting point, develop an comprehensive program designed to achieve your goals, and help you track progress. This personalized attention during your sessions is coupled with guidance on what you can do at home to help move your progress forward. Many clients see results right away, even within their first session.

What are the most common reasons people would see a Kinesiologist?

Rehabilitation after a motor vehicle accident (*ICBC generally offers coverage for Kinesiology as therapy for injury related to motor vehicle accidents such as whiplash, headaches, shoulder injury, low back injury, neck injury)

Recovery from an injury (including sports injuries)

General fitness

Weight loss

Issues stemming from poor posture (back pain, neck pain, headaches etc)

Kinesiologists at Kelowna Medical Massage

Justin Philips and Renée Savaia are our Kinesiologists here at Kelowna Medical Massage. Justin and Renée bring a comprehensive skill set to our Kinesiology practice; their combined extensive experience allow them to develop well rounded, in depth and advanced programming for their clients. Both Justin and Renée are passionate and dedicated to providing clients with the best possible experience – they believe in inspiring, motivating, and encouraging their clients to reach their individual rehabilitation and fitness goals by having a positive and supportive attitude.