Principles of Kinesiology

Kelowna Kinesiologist

Rehabilitation, personal training and weight loss are common reasons to see a Kinesiologist

Our Kinesiologist Justin working with a client
Our Kinesiologist Renee working with a client
Kinesiologist Justin showing a client the proper form for an exercise
Kinesiologist Renee coaches her client through a work out
Kinesiologists Justin and Renee working as a team


This may seem like a very basic principle, but it is surprising how many of our clients have come to us after being injured while training. Some of these injured clients were training by themselves, but some were training with professional trainers. The importance of safety cannot be understated.


This is a pretty basic one. We rely heavily on our reputation to get new clients in the door. In order to have a good reputation, we must be effective. So although safety is our first priority, our second priority is getting results.

Our system

Our system is simple

Step 1: Establish goals

What are you looking to accomplish? Rehabilitation after an injury? Getting back into shape? Increasing your energy level? Training for a marathon? Your goals will help shape your program.

Step 2: Assess and establish needs

Where are you at now? What is your level of function? What is your fitness level. Your starting point will shape your program.

Step 3: Create program

Are you looking for a short term, high intensity rehab program? Or do you need a long term program to help keep you on track? Are you strapped for time and can only come in once per week? Or do you have the freedom to come 3, 4 or even 5 times per week? After gathering all the information from these first 3 steps, you’ll get a program that’s the right fit for you.

Step 4: Working with the program

After the program is designed, we will work with you throughout the program to ensure that you are doing everything properly. We will work one on one with you throughout the process to make sure that you are being both safe and effective.

Step 5: Evaluate the results

This step is very important. Are you getting results from the program? Why or why not? Do we need to adjust the program? Do we need to help motivate you to be more consistent with it? This process is ongoing throughout the program and is part of what ensures our effectiveness.

So, is this system effective?

Here are a few reviews from our clients:

I have been working with Justin for two months. I am the worst patient. I want to rush my exercises, ignore form and push physically through my pain and limitations. Justin patiently reminds me to slow down, focus and sets realistic goals. Consequently I have tremendous progress considering 8 weeks ago I could barely walk up the stairs for our first appointment.

Greg Stearns

Justin is the kinesiologist and I have been seeing him for a couple months now. I have various physical issues and needed help to set up an exercise routine so I didn’t aggravate my problems. He is very knowledgable and thorough. My pain has lessened dramatically and I am feeling stronger. I definitely recommend him.

Sandra Donald

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