Massage Therapy and Kinesiology Kelowna - photo of Justin Philips

Meet Justin Philips – Kinesiologist

Justin Philips is our resident Kinesiologist at Kelowna Medical Massage. Justin first encountered the study of Kinesiology late in high school.  Being a competitive athlete in hockey and soccer as well as recreational snowboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding, and playing rugby throughout his youth he experienced his share of sports injuries.  He was always interested in determining the cause of his injuries, what structures exactly were injured, and furthermore how to fix them to get back to sports! It was a natural progression for Justin to become a Kinesiologist. He completed his Bachelor of Kinesiology with Honours at Brock University in 2010 and has also completed the CAN-FIT-PRO personal trainer program. His experience as an athletic trainer, personal trainer, and kinesiologist gives him a versatile skill set.

Justin is passionate about providing his clients with well rounded programs, combining rehabilitation & fitness to reach their goals without causing pain. He believes in a long term approach to health, fitness, and overall mobility. His background as a personal trainer combined with his education and experience as a Kinesiologist provides him with detailed education and rehabilitation knowledge to help his clients tackle their fitness or rehabilitation goals.

Justin provides his clients with in depth & advanced rehabilitation programs, personal training programs, & combined programs. Assessment includes cardio vascular testing, biometrics, body composition (weight, BMI, Body fat %, muscle %, etc.) blood pressure screening, range of motion testing (flexibility), and functional movement screening (FMS). Strength endurance testing & cardio vascular endurance testing can also be done for those athletically driven clients.  He really invests in his clients, helping them not only during sessions in the fitness facility but also by providing them with direction on things they can do at home to support their progress.

He’s not just all about Kinesiology, Justin is an active person and thoroughly enjoys rock climbing, snow boarding, hiking, team sports, and exercising in his spare time.

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