Massage Therapy Kelowna - photo of Rietta Brisco

Meet Rietta Brisco – Registered Massage Therapist

Rietta Brisco is one of our registered massage therapists here at Kelowna Medical Massage. She is new to Kelowna and since moving here she has been enjoying exploring all that the sunny Okanagan has to offer. Rietta graduated from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy 3000 hour program in 2014, she practices in all areas of massage therapy including deep tissue massage, sports massage, myofascial release and more. Low back pain and hip pain are two very common problems she treats. Rietta particularly enjoys working with athletes since she herself has been a devoted athlete for most of her life and has experienced first hand the impact that massage therapy can have on athletic performance and recovery.

When Rietta was quite young, she participated in a lot of competitive biathlons. Her friend’s mother was a registered massage therapist who travelled with them to many of the races and would perform sports massage on the girls. Rietta noticed right away how much the massage positively impacted her performance, this was the first time she became interested in massage therapy. As she continued participating in everything from competitive horse back riding to running to ski racing she continued to use massage to recover faster after hard training sessions and events. Eventually she decided to become a registered massage therapist to turn her passion for health and her belief in massage therapy into a career.

Rietta treats a lot of clients who experience postural issues or chronic pain, as well as athletes who have experienced injury or are interested in integrating massage into their training programs. She finds it gratifying to work with clients who are pro-active in their treatment and she loves having a part in getting them back on their feet after an injury or helping them improve their performance. Her background in sports makes her the ideal RMT to help prevent and recover from sports injuries.

Rietta is a very active person and enjoys hiking and backpacking. Her favourite trip was a 4 day hike along the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail on Vancouver Island. It was a 47-kilometre wilderness hike along the southwestern coast of the island which she says was absolutely beautiful. Her other favourite activity is stand up paddle boarding, she is patiently waiting for her father to make some finishing touches to the board he made for her so she can get out onto Okanagan lake as soon as possible.

The number one thing Rietta would like her clients to know is that their massage is tailored to them and that they should communicate with their therapist. Sometimes treatment can be a bit painful, but it should not be unbearable. Massage therapists are here to help you, they want you to have get the most benefit out of your treatment but they also want you to be comfortable and not feel like your appointments are something that simply must be endured. She also emphasizes the importance of following through with your home care as directed by your RMT. Following the instructions for home care are critical to your improvement!

Interested in connecting with Rietta to learn more about how massage therapy can help you? Contact us to set up an appointment.