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Katerina Pulice

Kelowna massage – Registered Massage Therapist

Low back pain, whiplash, injury from motor vehicle accidents, neck and shoulder pain are all common reasons people come to see Katerina

About Katerina

Katerina is a Kelowna local, born and raised. When she was younger she had her first encounter with massage therapy through her participation in competitive gymnastics. She found massage therapy to be very beneficial to her athletic performance. Katerina has always had an interest in learning about human anatomy and the body. She decided to become an RMT, enrolled in training and thoroughly enjoyed the hands on clinical training. She graduated from Vancouver Career College in April 2016.

Katerina is passionate about helping people overcome their physical challenges. Many of her clients have experienced injury or suffer from a chronic condition and find massage therapy to be an important part of their rehabilitation. Katerina enjoys helping her clients to work through conditions that may be holding them back so they can experience increased quality of life.


Graduated from Vancouver Career College in 2016


Traveling, dirt biking, soccer, yoga, being outdoors.