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Rob Morgan - Registered Massage Therapist

Rob Morgan

Kelowna massage – Registered Massage Therapist

Back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain are common reasons people come to see Rob.

About Rob

Rob first discovered massage therapy when he was a young martial arts athlete in his late teens. He was very interested in how massage therapy can help correct dysfunction in the body and allow people to achieve their optimal balance and performance. At the time he was not able to pursue an education in this area and proceeded to get his Red Seal Certification in Carpentry. After working for years in the trades he noticed how the work he was doing was taking a toll on his body, this combined with the instability of the industry sparked him to re-consider his interest in becoming a massage therapist. He enrolled at the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy and became fully involved in developing his career as a massage therapist.

Rob thoroughly enjoys helping to correct any dysfunction his clients may be experiencing, whether from an injury or from poor habits over time. If you are looking for relief from pain or to regain optimal physical performance, then Rob is the therapist to see.


Graduated from Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy 3000 hour program in 2013


College of Massage Therapists of BC


Pole Exercise, MMA, Downhill mountain biking, snow boarding/skate boarding

Previous Careers

Journeyman Carpenter