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Sam is currently on Maternity Leave.


Sam Biagi

Kelowna massage – Registered Massage Therapist

Pre-natal and post-natal care, C-section scar work, anxiety, depression and headaches are common reasons people come to see Sam.

About Sam  

Sam’s first experience with massage therapy was when her father was involved in a car accident and was left dealing with chronic pain. After receiving massage therapy treatments, he began to make progress and Sam witnessed first-hand how his quality of life improved drastically after working with a RMT. Sam decided to pursue training in massage therapy right after graduating from high school. She wanted a career where she could be truly involved with her clients and make a difference.

Sam enjoys working with pregnant women as well as first time mothers. She understands the practical application of massage to provide stress relief as well as the physical benefits of reduction in swelling, nerve pain and backaches. Her focus is understanding each one of her clients as an individual, while also making connections between common ailments and solutions that will provide the fastest relief of their symptoms.


WCCMT in New Westminister – West Coast College of Massage Therapy 2013


College of Massage Therapists of BC


Hiking, biking, kayaking, reading, traveling, playing with her dog Finn