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Shoulder Pain: A Case Study

Pain and weakness

Jake was an active man in his mid-40’s who regularly trained in martial arts. One day he began to experience sharp burning pain in his shoulders while he trained. At first he ignored the pain but it continued to get worse. Within a few months the pain was so bad that he couldn’t train anymore. What was worse was that he was no longer able to do a single pushup.

Surgery Suggested

He took a visit to his doctor and although the doctor was not sure of the cause of this pain, he recommended surgery to treat it. Jake was hesitant to go ahead with surgery and started looking for other options. He tried different treatments but was unable to get any relief. Eventually a friend at his martial arts club recommended that he go to Kelowna Medical Massage for treatment.

Massage Therapy Kelowna Medical Massage - man doing shoulder pressRelief

Jake’s initial assessment revealed bilateral rotator cuff tears and poor posture. Jake began a treatment program that involved massage, stretching and exercise, postural training and ergonomic advice for his workstation. At the completion of his treatment program the pain in his shoulders was completely gone and Jake is once again able to do 50 pushups without pain.

*Names have been changed for privacy