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Headaches and Jaw Pain: A Case Study

Headaches and jaw pain

Carlee [1] was a runner in her early 20’s. One spring she started having mild pain in her jaw, throat and teeth. Eventually the pain became constant and she started have headaches as well. Her doctor diagnosed a throat infection and gave her antibiotics but they made no difference. Her doctor referred her to a specialist who recommended she have her tonsils removed.


The surgery went well but a few months afterwards the pain returned, sometimes even worse than before. Eventually someone recommended that she see an orthodontist in Kelowna named Dr. Bishop [2] . He immediately diagnosed a temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ or TMD) and made two mouth pieces for Carlee, one for day and one for night. After 4 months of using these appliances the pain and headaches dissipated substantially but she was still unable to remove them without the pain returning. It was recommended she try massage [3].

Massage Therapy Kelowna Medical Massage - smiling womanLong Term Relief

When Carlee came to Kelowna Medical Massage it was clear that her poor posture was aggravating her TMJ. She began a treatment program that included massage, stretching, exercise, postural training and self-massage before bed. Within two months she was completely symptom free and able to remove her daytime mouth piece.

[1]Names have been changed for privacy

[2]Dr. Bishop has a great reputation for treating TMJ. More info:

[3]Carlee was the first of many clients that Dr. Bishop now sends to us for treatment.